7th Annual Corkscrews and Brews

A few weeks ago on April 28th, The Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County hosted our 7th Annual Corkscrews and Brews fundraiser.  As a staff, we are so appreciative of everyone who came out to make this night such a big success!

The night was filled with silent auctions, music, wine and beer tasting, live auctions, and community members coming together to support our cause.  From beginning to end, we had so many people volunteering their time and efforts to bring it all together! Here are some pictures from the night of and leading up to the event.



The day before the event, our staff and volunteers spent all day at the venue putting together the hundreds of donations we had received.  You can see our Intake Coordinator, Emily, and Criminal Justice Intern, Allison, sorting through the items to determine which auction item ends up on each table.



We had so many incredible silent auction items for people of all ages! Everything from a Summer Fun package to a Basked of Booze, and even day-passes to Cedar Point and Michigan’s Adventure for all the families out there!



Star, our Administrative Assistant (on the right), is in charge of all the donations for the event and making sure they are all organized. Leading up to the event, she puts in countless hours to bring it all together and during the event, she is the one behind the scenes coordinating our volunteers and the auction items!  I’m pretty sure she ends her night with many more gray hairs than when she started, but she does an incredible job making sure everything is moving along and going smooth throughout the night.



Our centerpieces turned out beautiful with the help of Wendy Perry! She came in the day before our event, worked her magic and added that special touch to each and every table.



…and the end of the day, with all the help we had from volunteers, interns, and staff, we were basically ready for the event, minus a few details here and there!



The night of the fundraiser ended up being a blast! Rusty Clique Photography captured the night for us and did such an incredible job.

There was laughing!


There was drinking…or at least wine tasting! 😉



There was some incredible art, displayed by the incredibly talented artist!



There was good conversation…



…and overall a great time!

Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered or came out to support us! We were able to raise a significant amount of money to go towards The Lapeer Advocacy Center and helping children who need hope, courage and love after experiencing the effects of horrific trauma and abuse. Our mission and our reach wouldn’t be possible without the help of all of you!

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