Community Spotlight Member: Kolby Miller

Community Spotlight Member:

Lapeer County Medstar’s President & Chief Executive Officer: Kolby Miller

As April is recognized as National Child Abuse Awareness Month, The Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County would like to take this opportunity to thank all community members, business partners, and other organizations that have continuously supported CAC Lapeer and its mission: to reduce trauma to children during the investigation and intervention of alleged sexual or severe physical abuse through advocacy, education, intervention, and treatment. At CAC Lapeer, we value every donation, every resource, every ounce of knowledge, and every one of our supporters.

We recognize that Lapeer County is truly a community that thrives from the help of its members and are grateful to have such a strong community behind us. We wouldn’t be able to provide the great services we offer to the community if it weren’t for the help of the residents, employers and families that live and work in the area.

Lapeer County Medstar and its employees are a prime example of this concept.  In 2011, The Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County (CAC Lapeer) held its first ever silent and live auction which would soon become CAC Lapeer’s largest fundraiser for eight consecutive years all thanks to organizations such as Medstar that began a continued sponsorship at this first event. The event, Cheers for Children (formerly known as Corkscrews and Brews) raises a substantial amount of funds for the Center which directly impacts the services provided to the children and families served by CAC Lapeer. All funds raised at this event help provide victims and their families with forensic interview, advocacy support, medical care and mental health services making all services provided to victims and their families free of charge.

With Cheers for Children’s 8th annual event approaching, CAC Lapeer would like to recognize one of our longest running and largest sponsors for the event, Lapeer County Medstar’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Kolby Miller.  Kolby Miller has been a sponsor of this event since the very beginning which has not only helped shape the event into what it is today but has also allowed CAC Lapeer to continue to provide and expand its services over the years. In 2016 at the 6th annual fundraising event, Medstar Ambulance received our President’s Award to acknowledge all that they have done for our Community and the Center. As this year’s event is approaching, Kolby Miller is still providing CAC Lapeer with unwavering support by being one of our highest paying sponsors!

When asked why he became involved with CAC Lapeer, Kolby states, “I became involved in supporting the Child Advocacy Center shortly after Medstar began serving Lapeer County.  As a non-profit community service, I believe that it is part of our mission to support and engage with other community organizations, especially those with similar critical missions.  Throughout our six county service area, we provide volunteer personnel hours, board engagement, supplies, and direct financial support to many important community organizations.  In Lapeer County, I believe that the role of the Child Advocacy Center is so incredibly valuable, and the benefit of the services provided after such traumatic events or series of events is crucial to positive outcomes.”

He goes on to say, “…to me, the CAC means that, as a community, we are working together to provide services to kids at a time when they need it most.  Whether they are victims of abuse, or have experienced horrible abuse, the CAC means that they will get a safe place to share the impact, and have a team that works together to lessen the long term effects, and support them along their difficult recovery. ”

As a paramedic, Kolby knows first-hand how difficult it is to provide care to children who have been abused, victims of trauma, or witnesses to either, s always difficult.  He states, “While Emergency Medical Services (EMS) care is episodic and short term, I have always been concerned about the condition and future of the child after my care.  Knowing that the Advocacy Center is there for children in Lapeer County means a lot to everyone on the Medstar team, and to me as the person responsible for the organization.  EMS is a component of a system of care, and in Lapeer County, I believe that the system is greatly enhanced by the work of the CAC, and am happy to represent Medstar in providing support and advocacy.”    

Lapeer County MedStar’s Kolby Miller is a community member that not only serves the community with his involvement as a paramedic, but also through his generous donations, endless support and commitment to CAC Lapeer. The Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Lapeer County’s MedStar and to Kolby Miller for being a driving force in lighting the way for a child’s future.  

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